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About Us

The Story of
Bench Craft Leather

Founded by:

Roy Murakami



Humble Beginnings

Roy Murakami began leather crafting in Kitchener Ontario in the mid-1940s after learning tool and die at Westdale Technical School in Hamilton. His knowledge and skills as a tool maker elevated his hand crafting abilities allowing him to create some of the most finely finished Canadian made leather products within the industry.

After working 25 years in the leather accessory business in the region, Roy launched Bench Craft Leather out of his garage with the part time help of his family and incorporated in 1976. In the beginning Roy crafted luxurious eyeglass cases with optician names and contact information.
Soon after he discovered the shoddy offering of leather tool pouches in local department stores. In a very short time the industrial tool pouch division of Bench Craft became one of the largest manufacturers in the country and soon supplied all the largest retail chains at the time with a complete offering in the category.

Refined Growth

As a meticulous dresser, Roy found another void in the leather accessory market in leather belts. In just his third year of operations, Roy refined manufacturing techniques and tooling for belt production. Bench Craft belts were soon in many local fine men’s clothing stores. In a short time Roy developed a network of sales agents across Canada as he travelled from coast to coast introducing his fine belts to independent retailers and the regional chains of the time. To this day, Bench Craft belts and accessories are considered the best-selling brand in leading men’s clothing stores across Canada, their quality, style and level of service unparalleled.

A Commitment to Quality

Well established as a Canadian leather products manufacturer, Bench Craft Leather has developed as a leading vendor for various leather items tendered by many government agencies. A comprehensive offering of leather items has been developed and supplied to police, military, RCMP and other emergency response services.

From its humble beginnings, Bench Craft Leather has emerged as a leading manufacturer of leather goods in Canada. Kitchener was once one of the largest leather tanning cities in North America. Many manufactures were borne here. Skates, boots, shoes, furniture and belts came from this city. Only a handful of manufacturers remain, not just in Kitchener, but across Canada. We pride ourselves in our regional heritage and ability to adapt as a Canadian leather products manufacturer. You can trust Bench Craft Leather’s commitment to quality and fashion. Dressing for a special occasion, for a casual night out, industrial work or for duty work, the products we make are meticulously made as they were yesterday, today and tomorrow.